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Kaido, i use quite a bit of hornady bullets for different loads, including some FMJ bullets, not in 6mm but other calibers. We manufacture precision rifle ammunition and specialize in custom ammunition. Joyce Hornady was a dedicated shooter, and created his company in 1949 out of his desire to create high-quality ammunition that he could use himself. I hope to be shooting at ranges up to 600yds+ and I am after the best possible components to achieve the best possible results. 243 Diameter 105 Grain Box of 100. 243" Diameter 105 Grain A-Max Polymer Tip Boat Tail Projectile 100 Per Box 24562. This somewhat degrades the available stability if you're going to use the USB bus for other purposes, but it won't be noticeable if you're building a dedicated NTP server with little other traffic and no other USB peripherals. This is not loaded ammunition! Please note that I directly ship my products ONLY to USA addresses. 6mm 105gr Rdf Reducted Drag Factor Bullets Nosler, Inc. The differential GPS solution is now working. 243 Caliber / 6mm Reloading Bullets for Sale Online, including Sierra bullets, Barnes reloading bullets, Hornady bullets, Nosler reloading bullets, Speer bullets, Swift bullets, and more. Stations will pre-pay transaction fees in minimal blocks of 20 ($8. 243 is your friend. You then want the USB end of the USB-Serial adapter to be plugged into your Raspberry Pi's USB Ports. 14 GPS modules to navigate and track the movements of your Raspberry Pi project Have you ever wondered how fast and far a Raspberry Pi robot runs throughout the day and night? With GPS capabilities and a Linux computer such as Raspberry Pi, you can track a robot or a multirotor and locate these on a map. Along with showcasing his books, match ammo, and other products, Bryan Litz's Applied Ballistics website offers detailed Bullet Data Profiles for popular match projectiles. Adding USB Attached GPS to your Raspberry Pi Projects Share Tweet This quick learning guide will show you everything you need to do to add position tracking to your Pi project using the open source GPS daemon 'gpsd' and an inexpensive USB to TTL adapter cable or via direct-wiring to the built-in Pi UART pins. Leverevolution Ammo 450 Marlin 325gr Ftx Hornady. USA & Canada Total Connect Monthly Membership Costs 2019. 105 GR Bullet Caliber: 6mm. Adding GPS tracking to your Linux based projects. Hornady Black 6mm Creedmoor 105 Grain HPBT - 81396 Hornady Black 6mm Creedmoor 105 Grain HPBT ammo for sale online at cheap discount prices with free shipping available on bulk 6mm Creedmoor ammunition only at our online store TargetSportsUSA. 243/6mm? I have a Tikka. Trophy Grade Ammo 7mm Stw 175gr Accubond Lr Nosler, Inc. To do this properly — to figure out the “right” price for a ton of CO2 emissions — we have to answer two questions. I know very little about the technical side to amps, so I'm def looking to take it to a local tech. A systematic checkup by a professional is the best way to isolate the cause of the operating problems and recommend the most effective solution. Lehigh Defense 9mm 105gr ammunition for sale at Ventura Munitions. Locate the connector that goes from the ECM (engine control module) to the TPS. 6mm Creedmoor (Handloader issue #304) reloading data with 30 loads. Access the graphical user interface of the Raspberry Pi without using any external monitor. I decided to put some of these on paper. This means that it costs about $0. A 3D printer engine. That's why this 6mm Creedmoor cartridge promises to deliver big no matter what type of platform you chamber it in. Freeing up UART pins on Raspberry Pi GPIO. The Hornady company was founded in 1949 but traces its roots to Joyce's childhood, when he learned to shoot and hunt in western Nebraska. I followed the instructions exactly as it says and didn't work. To aid fitting all the boards into the enclosure, the male USB connector of the RTL2832U SDR dongle was placed on a ribbon cable. Amax should make an excellent long range bullet, especially with the plastic tip. New! 22 Creedmoor match grade ammunition and bullet of your choice! We are using new 6mm Creedmoor brass and necking it down to 22 caliber. really happy with the work they did. JR 4 posts Oct 16, 2004 6:47 AM Technically the 105 gr. The intended use of the rifle will be for hunting deer, sheep, goat, and caribou at ranges out to 350 yards. I needed GPS on my Raspberry Pi to do some wardriving and I found Globalsat BU-353 GPS USB receiver SiRF III dongle which has worked perfectly. ok firstly the light came on this morn so i kinda panic'd wondering what was up and how much it was going to cost me etc etc i phoned vauxhall and they said they need toput it on the computer system to get a report on what was wrong which apparently would cost me around £80. Car Emissions This website intends to give individuals an informed choice when buying a new or used car. Vehicles like BMWs usually cost more to repair because they're considered an imported vehicle. Hornady 81396 Black 6mm Creedmoor 105 GR Boat Tail Hollow Point 20 Bx/ 10 Cs. While I've mostly been shooting Sierra, a few readers have asked about the Hornady. Hornady Boat Tail Hollow Point Bullets are manfucatured using Hornady's Advanced Manufacturing Process (AMP). Since Raspberry Pi is a complete computer in itself with a stable operating system therefore connecting a GPS device to it is just like connecting it to any other computer. Hornady developed the new Heat Shield bullet tips after Doppler Radar testing showed that the Ballistic Coefficients (BCs) of old-style tipped bullets were degrading in flight in an unexplained manner. Find out rough estimates as well as all the extra items you need to consider. Loaded with legendary Hornady boat-tail hollow point match bullets, this 6mm Creedmoor ammunition is designed to fit, feed, and function in a variety of platforms. How to Setup GPS for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ In this tutorial we will show you how to install and use an external GPS receiver for the raspberry pi. they are phasing in various product families in 2011. After all, match shooters demand perfection from their bullets every time they step on the range. That was going to be my go to bullet but I'm now thinking of using a GMX as my standard load for the rifle but haven't tried them yet. The need to control the emissions from automobiles gave rise to the computerization of the automobile. Stratux ADS-B receiver software for pilots. To set up WiFi on the Raspberry Pi 3, please see this tutorial. of Hornady® 6mm 105 Grain BTHP Match TM Bullets. Want to know what bullets, brass, primers, and powder the best precision rifle shooters in the country are running?. The cost and inconvenience of shipping big stuff makes it that way. to/2F4iQjl Canadian Link for Check Valve https://amzn. But most believe it. Everything You Need To Know About Volkswagen's 3. 6mm Remington ammunition is uncommon, but is still available without requiring extreme effort. The velocity in that data is ok but with other powders you can get better. Re: HOW TO:Replacing Evaporative Emission Canister Vent Solenoid Valve (PO455 error) « Reply #7 on: Jun 15, 2015, 08:09 AM » I changed mine and engine light is still on tried clearing the code and still refuses to go away I do have a habit of over filling the tank. These are perfect to use for all your reloads whether it be for recreational or competitive shooting. Fires often leave behind soot, smoke, and/or water damage. Unfortunately one of my cars failed the emissions part of the state inspection. 243 Win that shoots the 105 grain Hornady Amax really. Alliant Powder Reloader 26 Hornady 6mm Creedmor Brass. PENNSYLVANIA ENHANCED EMISSION INSPECTION CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. I have a box of 105 grain AMax I'm looking forward to trying soon too. This GPS module for Raspberry Pi 3 comes with an L80-39 GPS chip inside. I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, a microstack baseboard and a microstack GPS. While I have never said the 9mm is my favorite cartridge, I fire more 9m. Support Raspberry Pi model A, B, A+, B+, Zero, 2, 3 with its' L80-39 GPS chip inside. If you see it in stock in our store then it is ready-to-ship and does so the same day or next business day!. Emissions laws also affect a car maker's bottom line. Berger Bullets is one of the most famous bullet makers in the world. Who can repair my vehicle if it fails its emission test? Anyone can repair your vehicle. Build This DIY Touchscreen Music Player for Your Car. With L80-39 GPS Chip inside, this US GPS L80-39 GPS Module for Raspberry Pi will help you communicate via satellite with UART or USB. You are not logged in. Projectile Lengths Discussion in 'The 105 Hornady Amax,. Final word. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have. PENNSYLVANIA ENHANCED EMISSION INSPECTION CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. regulators about how much its diesel cars pollute. Parenting Guide. Adding USB Attached GPS to your Raspberry Pi Projects Share Tweet This quick learning guide will show you everything you need to do to add position tracking to your Pi project using the open source GPS daemon 'gpsd' and an inexpensive USB to TTL adapter cable or via direct-wiring to the built-in Pi UART pins. Connect up to 7 high powered devices at once. MBR Sporting Bullet Prices This is our current list of bullets from Sierra, Hornady, Nosler, Lapua, S&B and PPU. Unlike some of the other options, there are numerous kinds of hardwood floors, all coming with their own price points. They give a sense of what getting away from fossil fuels One of the biggest factors is how long it takes to start reducing emissions. Hornady 525x 6mm. All together, this helped to drive up the cost of each Shuttle mission to somewhere between $450 million and $1. Every aspect of the Hornady A-Max bullet, from the sharp, pointed tip to the angle of the boat-tail base helps you print your tightest, long-range groups ever. 50 of the most important Raspberry Pi Sensors and Components One of the many advantages of the Raspberry Pi is that it is possible to connect almost all standard Arduino and Raspberry Pi sensors and components to the dhtvarious GPIOs. Now there are several USB solutions, and apps that work with them, but I wanted to show how to use a $20 GPS module with a a serial UART, and Python code to decode the NMEA strings. A Raspberry Pi can make an outstanding NTP time server for your network. If your vehicle does not pass its Wisconsin emissions check, you must have it repaired and retested. Typing your keyword including 6mm 105gr Rdf Reducted Drag Factor Bullets Nosler, Inc. Fully compatible with Raspberry Pi models that have the 40-pin GPIO header (3, 2, B+, A+, Zero). Checked Hornady ELD-X 6mm/. If you do the work yourself, you cannot claim cost of labor. How Much Does the NCLEX Exam Cost? As you are completing your nursing education, the next step in your journey to becoming a registered nurse is taking the NCLEX exam. 243) 105 Grain Match Hybrid Target, 100/Box. 243 Diameter) 105 Gr. the Raspberry Pi, use that GPS information to determine the Antenna position for MLAT etc. 45 Long Colt Ammunition for Sale. Read More) so that you can use it as a headless device via SSH Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi For Headless Use With SSH Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi For Headless Use With SSH The Raspberry Pi can accept SSH commands when connected to a local network (either by Ethernet or Wi-Fi), enabling you to easily set it up. However, some vehicles are required to have an emissions test, in addition to the safety inspection. Walt Berger started the company as a one-man operation in the 1950s. 0 mm) of compact modules, with ultra-low power consumption, the advantages of the fast positioning, in capturing and tracking, makes the USB Port - GPS has a very good performance. Although generic, the specific repair steps may vary depending on make/model. 6mm creedmoor 105 Amax RS 62 - 6mm - News Forum Again received from Domonik Antrim at Reload Swiss. If those will go through a pig then probably don't need the Speers as I have almost 200 of the Hornady bullets (minus 5 I sent downrange already testing the load). Double check price/quantity/caliber at the vendor's site before ordering. If something does go wrong on your property, expect to receive pictures of the damage, an itemized estimate of the repair costs, and an itemized statement after the repairs are completed. Hornady’s appropriately named BLACK line of ammunition is designed to deliver consistent and accurate performance from black guns. Lassen iQ, UBlox Max-6) A suitable radio transmitter (e. For those wanting to squeeze the most performance from their competition rifle, Noslers RDF (Reduced Drag Factor) 6mm 105 grain match bullet line is the ideal choice. You can obtain many Raspberry Pi accessories including 3g modem from banggood. Shot these in a Savage/Shilen 6x45, (1 x 12 twist) that was an early Summer project. On the raspberry pi 3 however, the wireless/bluetooth module is connected to the PLO11 UART,. If your car still does not pass the Drive Clean Test, your “Conditional Pass” will only be good for 2 years – and then you WILL have to repair the vehicle – regardless of costs. An Emission Repair Facility is a registered emission repair facility meets the qualifications and that training requirements for emission repairs and maintenance set forth by the New. Hornady 6mm Creedmoor Hornady has introduced a 6mm Creedmoor cartridge. All Hornady ® Match™ bullets feature revolutionary AMP ® (Advanced Manufacturing Process) bullet jackets. Official Website: https://www. Appraisal costs do vary so shop around. Type S Neck Die, 22-250 Remington Redding. Today the Raspberry Pi 4 was released, bringing us a new US$35 single board computer with many improvements. I do not have a Hornady manual and need some data for pushing the 105 grain AMAX. Fishing, rods & reels, camping gear, tents and much more. Hornady Rifle Bullet 6MM Cal 105 Grain A-Max 100/Box 24562 Hornady A-Max bullets have the best ballistic coefficient possible. Dec 07, 2012 · What That Dreaded 'Check Engine' Repair Will Cost You is constantly checking information from engine to transmission sensors to look for emissions-related problems. You need to have it scanned for the codes and then either look up the codes yourself, put them in here and have people tell you what you need or take them to a shop with the vehicle. Compare auto loan rates and discover how to save money on your next auto purchase or refinance. In this case, we'll use a. A half-million diesel Volkswagen models have been cited for emissions violations. 243 bullets will fit your needs. However,changes of plans, my friend and I decided to extend the trip for another week as 9days seems not enough for us. It includes the SIMCom SIM900 communication module. is raising funds for RTK. Point the gps daemon to our GPS device on the USB to TTY adapter:. Raspberry Pi Zero as Multiple USB Gadgets. "GMX" stands for "Gilding Metal eXpanding. Connect the GPS module to any of the USB port in the Raspberry Pi. GPS on Raspberry Pi 3 Connections. To qualify for a Cost-Based emissions inspection waiver, motorists must spend between $200 and $450 on emissions-related repairs. The only interface that required is a cheap USB soundcard (for Line-In). Hornady Reloading Bullets 6mm. The Secant Ogive Profile delivers low drag and flat trajectories. Like the 6. With electricity, the direct (private) costs of generating power do not usually include the external costs (e. This is a 7-port USB hub designed for Raspberry Pi, its main features include: USB 1. Some insurers will declare the vehicle a total loss if the cost of repairs reaches more than 80 percent or 90 percent of the actual value. Section II Repair and Retest: Information for licensed technicians conducting repairs in all program areas, Change of Ownership, Basic, and Enhanced areas. The cost of distributed renewables, such as rooftop and community-scale solar PV, continues to decrease, which makes them one of the more cost-effective ways to reduce city emissions. 254 Ballistic Coefficient: 0. Raspberry Pi with Java 8. Cars have many sophisticated parts and sensors that manage and control how much gas your engine uses and how much junk comes out of your tailpipe!. Find out if the deductible is charged on a per visit or per repair basis. 243 Winchester (6×52mm) is a popular sporting rifle cartridge. We offer big discounts with our Yearly and 2-Year subscriptions. 243 Win) Will it expand or just poke a hole through the "behind the shoulder shot" ? The body weight of the deer will be around 120-150 lbs, but we do hear of an ocassional buck weighing 200-220 lbs that is harvested. GE 4-slice; Siemens 6-slice; Philips 16-slice ; $100,000 - $200,000. 243 105 gr BTHP Match 100 Pack. 243 6mm 105 Grain Match Hybrid Target (500) SALE. Collector - 4 Oz. 11b/g/n) Module with Antenna for Raspberry Pi Description : "We tried half a dozen modules to find ones that work well with the Pi and Bone without the need of recompiling any kernels: its supported by the Bone's Angstrom installation that comes with each Bone as well as the Adafruit Occidentalis distribution. Plastics, toxic battery acids, and other products may stay in the environment. Fusion Ammo 270 Winchester 130gr Bonded Bt Federal. The test does not apply to vehicles fitted with 2-stroke engines. Brake linings, including pads and shoes, and clutch linings are warranted for 12 months/12,000 miles, whichever comes first, if they. Connecting Raspberry Pi to a USB GPS device Before you get started, let me first give you a brief tutorial on GPS. It would seem that buying that asset (or another one like it) is a cut-and-dried solution to anyone needing a mapping "solution". Despite the fee, an appraisal is one way to check out the value of your investment. We offer big discounts with our Yearly and 2-Year subscriptions. For the safety of the electronics, please use an ESD strap when working around components. Our attorney backed credit repair services are designed to remove negative items from your credit report. The repair can range from a quick battery change on a quartz watch to a full overhaul of a fine automatic timepiece. To set up WiFi on the Raspberry Pi 3, please see this tutorial. How much will the Inspection Cost A test costs up to $25; for more details please visit the GCAF website. Jesse James Tml Label 300 Aac Blackout Ammo Ammo Incorporated. HORNADY Accurate. Before pitching it, I had to test it with the Raspberry Pi. In fact, we're so confident in our catalytic converter cleaner that we'll give you your money back if you fail the emissions test after using Cataclean®!. - Must I use a certified shop located on your website?. FL antenna connection. Both UART and USB communication with the L80 GPS module is available. Too much exposure can lead to refrigerant poisoning and even death. For Windows we. Go to autozone and they will help you check the code for free. Thus far, maintenance and repair costs for hybrid cars seem to be a wash. I wanted to put the Raspberry Pi at the mast heard, with the GPS antenna mounted as close as possible to the antenna. 2 Billion in U. Break Free. No we are going to automate the process so that when you power up your Raspberry Pi it'll work as a GPS tracker and save the raw data to a flash drive. Engine manufacturers do provide a robust set of ECM (engine control module) parameters for their engines, but truck builders do not program the engine for the specific duty cycle of each unit. Everything You Need to Know about the VW Diesel-Emissions Scandal. Section III BAR Referee: Information about Referee test services. This Smog Check Reference Guide is intended to serve as a reference for Licensed Smog Check. The need to control the emissions from automobiles gave rise to the computerization of the automobile. 6mm creedmoor 105 Amax RS 62 – 6mm – News Forum Again received from Domonik Antrim at Reload Swiss. When vehicles endure hail damage, many car owners call the nearest auto body shop and ask for a quote on repair services. Because transmissions are sealed, a leak indicates a. For more information on emissions testing, visit Georgia's Clean Air Force. It outputs all the kernel data during boot. 5 million hernia operations found that the average cost for an open hernia surgery ranged between $4,200 and $6,200. Hornady® loads their Match® Centerfire Rifle Ammo with carefully selected components under stringent quality control to ensure consistent, pinpoint accuracy, needed for hitting targets at ultra long-range. You can order 6mm (. Adafruit: USB WiFi (802. Hornady 110 gr VMAX PT -- This is a great fragmenting bullet and is perfect for CQB/LE SWAT entry work; it is also a good choice for light game. Adding USB Attached GPS to your Raspberry Pi Projects Share Tweet This quick learning guide will show you everything you need to do to add position tracking to your Pi project using the open source GPS daemon ‘gpsd’ and an inexpensive USB to TTL adapter cable or via direct-wiring to the built-in Pi UART pins. Jesse James Tml Label 300 Aac Blackout Ammo Ammo Incorporated. For folks who are searching for 6mm Norma Br 105 Grain Moly Hpbt Diamond Line Ammo Norma review. Using the GY-NEO6MV2 module with the Arduino was shown previously. Moreover UART is not the best option to connect as it will result in slow connection. Repair Assistance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 1. Quick view. This round features a 105 grain projectile, a normal weight for its caliber. While some states have elected not to allow insurance carriers to charge smokers the maximum, tobacco use does still. Hornady Action Pistol (HAP) bullets are a direct response to competitive shooters buying up XTP projectiles for their reloading needs. I'll probably load up some 105 grain Amax to start off with and see how they group. Trophy Grade Ammo 7mm Stw 175gr Accubond Lr Nosler, Inc. of Hornady® 6mm 105 Grain BTHP Match TM Bullets. 105g AMAX 6mm Remington. 243") 105gr Hybrid Boat Tail Bullets Berger Bullets from variety stores in usa. Emissions System. I wanted to change from my 115's to the 105's after me and my gun smith tried them after the rifle was finished. A cylinder head gasket repair can be one pretty costly service, so you want to be 100% sure that it is indeed a blown cylinder head gasket. Your inspection report should list the reason why your vehicle failed the emissions test. SKU # 81396. Umumnya, sensor GPS menggunakan komunikasi serial untuk mengirim data dan menerima perintah ,baik dari mikrokontroller seperti Arduino, ATmega, dll. mail or by e-mail. replacement. Loaded With Legendary Hornady Bullets, Hornady Black Ammunition Is Designed To Fit, Feed And Function In a Variety Of platforms. GPS , which stands for Global Positioning System , is a system of satellites that transmit signals. How do I know if my catalytic converter has failed? NEXT PAGE ­This may look like a simple piece of machinery, but it's part of a much more complex system in your car. This stuff shoots pretty good. It failed HC(hydrocarbons) and CO(carbon monoxide. Choose the. But with synthetic oil and a reasonable level of common sense (let the engine idle for a minute immediately after a sustained high speed, full-load run) it'll last a very long time. 243 105 grain BTHP "match" amp bullets? finally got to work up and shoot some. The Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) provides financial assistance for qualified owners whose vehicles fail their biennial (every-other-year) Smog Check. 243 105 gr BTHP Match 100 Pack. It's a wonderful benefit to offer employees, but can add a hefty price tag On average, the employer contribution costs businesses 3-6% of the employee's salary/wages. Raspberry Pi: Set time from GPS dongle I had a little problem with my Raspberry Pi Raspbian Wheezy and with Kali-Linux when I wanted to do some wardriving and wanted to have right time/date on my Pi and I didn’t have anykind of Internet connection. Price Low and Options of 6mm Norma Br 105 Grain Moly Hpbt Diamond Line Ammo Norma from variety stores in usa. Some shooters feel the SMK 107 has an accuracy edge, but the 105 Amax was accurate enough to help Kyle Brown set a 10-shot 1000yd world record with a standard 6mm BR. Then select your bullet weight, powder manufacturer and powder type. Match Ammo 50 Bmg 750gr A-Max Hornady. Powders include Hodgdon, IMR, Accurate, Vihtavuori, Alliant, Winchester, Ramshot, Norma. The good news – if it is the crankshaft position sensor, it shouldn’t cost all that much to replace it $100-200 maybe. The repair and replacement (R and R) of fuel injectors is a bigger project than the plugs, so we stuck to the plan and stored the knowledge in case ignition repairs failed to fix things. I know very little about the technical side to amps, so I'm def looking to take it to a local tech. What Is a Filling and How Much Will It Cost? A cavity is a hole in your tooth caused by decay. How much does the test cost? Can I be charged a late fee? Can I request a waiver for the late fee? What happens if my vehicle is not tested? What happens if my vehicle is late for its emissions test? Getting the Emissions Test. In final use, the module will send data to the Pi via the 3. Be sure to read your registration renewal notice carefully as you may not need an emission test. Hardware - Raspberry Pi model B, 256Mb OS - Arch Linux (or Raspbian) Case - Stealth Black Raspberry Pi Case from modmypi Front camera - Pi camera Rear USB camera - Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 GPS - Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout LEDs - 3 x 3mm (red, green & yellow or blue). 243 Hornady A-MAX Bullets 105 gr Qty. I have BLC2, W760, IMR 4064 and 4895 on hand. Unofficial site devoted to the Raspberry Pi credit card sized computer offering tutorials, guides, resources,scripts and downloads. 224 55 Grain 100 Per Box [22272] $17. While Raspberry Pi can use Scratch, IDLE anything that supports Linux. This powerful HAT gives you 4G, 3G or GSM mobile data, GPS, Bluetooth and a rechargeable power source for your Raspberry Pi. If you plan to do the work yourself, then you’ll be looking at a repair cost between $150 and $500. SIM7000E NB-IoT Raspberry Pi HAT eMTC EDGE GPS GNSS at IOT Store Australia which is the #1 Online Distributor for Plug and Play Internet of Things Solutions, IOT Boards and Dev Kit, Comms, IOT Sensor, Node/Gateway, Modem & Router, Automation Tools, Smart Devices, Open Source Dev Boards & Robotics Hardware. A guide to Raspberry Pi alternatives, from low-cost options to more powerful boards. 243 105 GR A-Max 100 Box The use of "GLOCK" on this page is merely to advertise. Change our selections to customize this tool for yourself!. Raspberry Pi: How to get GPS working How to install USB GPS dongle to Raspberry Pi Raspbian Wheezy. A friend gave me a couple boxes of 100's and 105's that I loaded up target loads for my son, 4350 did a great job w/ those, as well as the 85 tsx. Ghbsz/most Winning Horse Numbers.